Send Sacha’s Bakery Cakes to your loved ones living in Pakistan on occasions like Birthday,Anniversary,Random, Mothers day, Father’s Day, Eid day & Valentine’s day.Events without cakes are incomplete. Cakes make your events sweet and delicious. We deliver beautifully designed cakes according to your

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Elsa Anna Special Theme Cake 3lbs


Red Heart Shape Cake


Black Forest Cake


Red Velvet Cake


Vanilla Crunch Cake


KitKat CupCake KitKat Cup Cake


Red Velvet CupCake


Death By Chocolate Brownie


Red Velvet Slice


Vanilla Caramel Slice


Ferrero Classic Cake


Indulgence Cake


KitKat Classic Cake


Nutella Cake


Salted Caramel Cake


Naked After Eight Cake


Naked Bounty Cake


Naked Ferrero Rocher Cake


Naked Red Velvet Cake


Naked Snicker Cake


Naked Bounty Cake


Pineapple Pastries 10 Pcs


Chocolate Pastries 10 Pcs


Choco Walnut Cake From Sacha’s Bakery 2 Lbs


Fudge Cake From Sacha’s Bakery 2 Lbs


KitKat Cake From Sacha’s Bakery 3 Lbs


Pineapple Cake From Sacha’s Bakery 2 Lbs